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CSR & Sponsorship

We put community first.

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As a bank that wants you to always be first, we believe that it's our responsibility to champion financial litteracy. So we'll help you be first by doing what we do best - educating communities about money matters, financial knowledge and responsible ways to lead a financially fulfilling and rewarding life.

We want to help make the UAE an even better place. From providing support to employees to increasing awareness on important community issues, our goal is to create a brighter future for all.

CSR Sponsorship


Through its various strategic local sponsorships, we aim to support the future growth of the community and its development. We chose to sponsor the Junior GT ride in FWAD, which is part of its driving school where children receive their first training on road safety and discipline, to help educate kids about essential driving rules that they would need to abide by once they start driving.

We also sponsor Al Ain Sports & Cultural Club to encourage sporting achievements in the UAE. In addition, FGB pursues sponsorships that aid in building and promoting development in the UAE.