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Islamic Treasury

Shariah-compliant Treasury Solutions

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Just like any other Islamic banking product or service, our Islamic Treasury Solutions incorporate Shariah-compliant management in every part of the process. Our Shariah Supervisory Board reviews and approves all Islamic Treasury solutions before they are offered to clients.

Be it Foreign Exchange, Profit Rate, or Liquidity Management solutions, our highly experienced team will provide you with tailored and dependable Islamic Treasury Solutions.

Liquidity Management Solutions

Wakala Investment

A Shariah-compliant product, Wakala Investment offers you profit on excess liquidity at an anticipated rate. You act as Muwakkil while the bank acts as Wakil to invest funds in a pool of Shariah-compliant assets.

Commodity Murabaha

Murabaha allows you to invest in funds where profit can be earned at an agreed rate through the difference between the purchase price and sale price of the Commodity Murabaha transaction. A dedicated team works only with the most reputed brokerage houses to execute commodity transactions on your behalf.

Foreign Currency (FX) Hedging Solutions

Islamic Spot FX

Buy and sell currencies at competitive exchange rates in a Shariah-compliant manner by using Islamic Spot FX. Just remember that in order to meet Shariah requirements, delivery of currencies must take place within two trading days from the date of transaction.

Islamic FX Forward

Hedge foreign currency exposure risk against anticipated future adverse rate movements with Islamic FX Forward. Based on the concept of Wa'ad, you can manage your forex exposure by fixing the exchange rate for a future FX trade in advance.

Profit Rate Hedging Solutions

Islamic Profit Rate Swap

Islamic Profit Rate Swap facilitates efficient hedge cash flows against adverse movements in profit rates. Based on the principles of Wa'ad and Murabaha, it is beneficial for both borrowers and investors, as you can hedge your exposure to the volatility of profit rates.

Islamic Cross Currency Profit Rate Swap

Hedge cash flows against both currency and profit rate volatility with Islamic Cross Currency Profit Rate Swap. Whether you are a borrower or an investor, the concepts of Wa'ad and Murabaha are seamlessly infused with this service.

Bespoke Solutions

In addition to the wide selection of industry recognised and Shariah-compliant products above, our in-house specialists can explore more bespoke solutions should your business require it.

For more information, please contact Global Markets Sales at GlobalMarketsSales@fgb.ae, or +9712 6932200