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Islamic Banking Services

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Business, the Shariah way.

Islamic corporate banking is growing in popularity, and for good reason – it’s an interest-free evolution of financial enterprises, resulting in a win-win scenario for the borrower and lender. It is a Shariah-compliant system, the benefits and values of which can be appreciated by everyone – every those who do not necessarily follow Shariah Law.

At FGB, we have our own brand of Islamic banking that we call Siraj. For our corporate clients, we have the following products:



With Ijarah, we can help you purchase an asset and lease it back to you. This medium to long term financing solution can also be used for refinancing your existing assets or for the acquisition of an asset under construction.


Form purchasing assets to meeting working capital requirements, Murabaha is a short to medium term financing solution with which we can support your various business needs. This can include financing of raw material, equipment and shares.

Commodity Murabaha

Working capital and liquidity requirements can be addressed through Commodity Murabaha, a short to medium term financing solution. It includes financing for general purposes, payment for services and bridge financing.

Debt and Capital Markets

With our expertise in Syndications, Project and Structured Finance, we can manage your funding requirements – no matter the size. Apart from helping you access capital markets, we can also help you obtain funding from the Islamic Debt Market through the issuance of Sukuks (Islamic Bonds).

Islamic Deposits

A Wakala Deposit is a liquidity product that offers current account and term deposit solutions. It allows your business to earn profits through Shariah compliant investments.

Trade Finance

Documentary Credits

In accordance with Murabaha principles, our Letters of Credit include the full range of solutions to allow you to meet any domestic and cross-border working capital requirements.


Our Guarantee products can help you facilitate the execution of medium and large-scale ventures, through Kafalah principles.

Export/Bill Financing

For financing of short to medium term funding, our Export/Bill Financing also extends to our Islamic banking umbrella, and is offered through a Commodity Murabaha solution.