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Cash management

Cash management should be effortless.

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Payment Solutions

Reduce your overall processing costs for Domestic and Cross Border payments and save time and money you’re at it. Your suppliers will thank you! Our full range of capabilities includes:

Cross-border payments

  • Telegraphic transfers
  • International bank cheques/drafts

Domestic payments

  • Local bank cheques/drafts/cashier's order
  • Corporate cheques
  • Direct debits
  • Domestic bank transfers (UAE FTS)
  • Book transfers (account transfer within FGB)

Bulk payments and payroll

  • Wage Protection System (WPS) payroll services
  • Non WPS payroll services

Collection Solution

Manage company cash more effectively and efficiently, with improved clearing cycles and more credit control. Our collections solution is time-tested and corporates-appraised.


We are pleased to introduce this groundbreaking new product – a remote cheque deposit service that allows you to digitally scan your cheques from your office using special ICCS scanners. The scanned data is electronically transmitted to our systems in a highly secure manner, and based on the findings received cheques are subsequently cleared by the issuing bank.

They will be credited to the customer's account on day 0, however the bank must receive the physical cheque from you by no later than 4pm the next day.

FirstCollect - Doorstep Banking

Did you know you could outsource cash/cheques pick-up and delivery services to us? Covering a wide range of locations, we’ve tied up with a specialised team that will provide the service in an efficient and secure manner. Benefit from:

  • Cash pick-up (unverified), cheque pick-up, cash denomination exchange, and coin delivery - reducing the risk of cash and cheques being held overnight
  • Courier pick-up and delivery service
  • PDC warehousing and detailing
  • Customised deposit slips
  • Secure and timely online collection payments via direct debit

Account Services

With FGB, everything is customised as per your needs. We can provide you with a solution based on what account type you have, (Current Accounts, Call Accounts, Fixed Deposits) and in various account currencies including; AED, EUR, USD, JPY and more. Statements are provided on a daily/monthly basis, or as per your requirements.

Liquidity Management

Maximise your interest returns and minimise overdraft charges by using our 'physical sweeping' service. This streamlines the transfer of balances to or from a designated account, and ensures any deficit balances are automatically covered by the surplus in your nominated account.

In addition, we have a comprehensive range of short and medium-term investments and treasury products that may be more suited to your requirements.